According to, approximately 1.92 billion persons bought goods or services online in 2019. With the happenings of 2020, these figures are projected to continue rising.

To help you stand out in online marketing, you need to implore the use of tools that will make you stand out and get noticed. Below is a selection of the must-have tools for staying on top as an online marketer.

Social Media Tools
Instagram and Facebook are common social media platforms and are simple to use, readily available and great for capturing targeted audiences’ attention. They also help create excitement around the product or service. Most of them have features to help you analyze the performance of your posts against your competitors. There are also management tools for social media that help in measuring engagement levels and schedule posts.

Analytic Tools
Without analytic tools, it is almost impossible to know how you are fairing on the internet. These tools are designed to keep track of stats and the traffic generated by your posts or website. There are analytic tools available for tracking different aspects, traffic, user actions, user interactions with products, and improving site results. You always want to be aware of your performance online to know when to make changes.

Content Marketing Tools
Great content is critical in online marketing. These tools are responsible for ensuring that the content released to an audience is relevant, valuable, and consistent. This approach translates to sales and, therefore, profits. Content tools such as BuzzSumo enable you to know how wide your content has been shared. Other such tools include those that measure post influence and team collaboration tools for sharing content ideas within a marketing team.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is another set of tools that an online marketer should not overlook. It remains a useful tool for online marketing and one of the best ways to create and keep relationships with clients and customers. It has a never-ending potential of growing your email list and sales. Even though there are many tools, MailChimp is among the most commonly used tools for its ease of use.

Design tools
These tools are a vital part of online marketing. When it comes to creating ads and posts on social media, what attracts an audience is good and visually enticing designs. These tools help in editing photos, add videos, animation, and infographics to ads and posts. Examples of design tools are Canva,, Adobe Spark, Pixlr, among others.

Wrapping Up
To succeed as an online marketer, you have to blend passions with creativity. Using digital marketing tools will enhance your online presence and impact. The rise of digital marketing is evident and has more impact than traditional marketing on many fronts. If properly utilized, marketing tools can propel your business to a wider client base, sales, and ultimately profits. Stand out as a marketer.

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