Internet marketing is diverse, and email marketing is a crucial element of the overall marketing strategy.

According to recent statistics, the number of active email users will cross the 4 billion mark by 2024, despite the growth and prominence of mobile messengers and chat apps. 

Email marketing is such a powerful tool for businesses that the average ROI for $1 spent on email marketing is around $42. It’s a strategy you really don’t want to ignore.

If you plan to invest in electronic mail marketing, you need to keep an eye on the trends. 


Top Email Marketing Trends for 2021


To make things easy for you, here’re are the top five email marketing trends to watch out for and follow in 2021.


AI Integration in Marketing Practices


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword, and everybody seems to be attracted to it. However, some email marketers are skeptical about integrating AI into their marketing practices as they find the process complex and not worthy of the efforts.

The truth, however, is that now is the best time to integrate AI into your email marketing practices. The reason for that is there is more data available for processing that can give you deep insights into what customers expect and how they would react to your offers. 

AI technology uses cutting-edge software to manage the tasks effectively and conveniently, and you are required to put minimal effort.

Effective outreach, content analysis, and list segmentation are some of the tasks that can be better done by AI than humans.




The main objective of all marketing campaigns is to generate more revenue. Secondary objectives of marketing campaigns can be different for organizations, such as re-engaging customers or raising brand awareness.

In the end, the need for personalization – for both primary and secondary email marketing objectives – is getting stronger with each passing day.

Artificial intelligence can play an essential role in personalization by gathering more data from your customers.  Customers are ready to share their data with you as they expect personalized offers.  Lack of personalization can lead to disastrous results in electronic mail marketing. 

Here are some of the eye-opening facts to take note here:

  • 68% of users automatically delete marketing emails
  • 54% of users unsubscribe from your email newsletter
  • 45% of user categorize your general marketing emails as spam

You can prevent that by employing AI for the personalization of email campaigns.




Email campaigns involve sending different types of emails to customers. Traditionally, the email marketer shoulders the responsibility of sending the mails.  That is going to change in 2021. The new marketing trend points at the automation of email sending tasks

Automation of email campaigns means the software will use sequences of trigger-based emails to send the messages and offers. It will not be one-offs. The automation will help marketers to maintain cohesive and consistent communication with their customers.


User-Generated Content


The year 2021 is expected to use the full potential of user-generated content in marketing campaigns. According to marketers, user-generated content is precious and brings higher conversion, around 82%.

Today, a large number of customers based their purchase decisions on reviews and comments. It shows the user-generated content can help build trust towards services and products promoted by your company.


To sum up…


You need to stay on top of your game to succeed in your marketing campaigns this year. Prevailing market trends reveal how the business landscape is shaping up, has changed, and what customers expect from your brand. By adapting accordingly and leveraging the trends, you can ensure your marketing campaigns are on the right track and achieve your desired goals.