HONG KONG, Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the continuous maturity of the technology and the hard work of various industries, the popularization of 5G networks is no longer a dream.

As the pace of 5G commercialization accelerates, relying on 5G’s enhanced mobile broadband, high reliability, low latency, and massive connection capabilities, AR’s interactive capabilities and operational efficiency will be further improved.

On the one hand, 5G will change the business operation form of AR in terms of product form, user experience, and content applications, and even promote AR as the “last screen” before the brain-computer interface. On the other hand, based on the capabilities of 5G, AR will become the next-generation spatial computing platform and technology cultivation platform.

Brain-computer interface (BCI) refers to the direct connection created between the human or animal brain and external equipment to realize the exchange of information between the brain and the equipment.

From the perspective of the application fields that can be affected by brain-computer interfaces, whether it is medical care, education, or consumption, it will bring huge market space and broad prospects.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a technology that ingeniously integrates virtual information with the real world. It uses a variety of technical methods such as multimedia, 3D modeling, real-time tracking and registration, intelligent interaction, and sensing. Computer-generated texts, images, three-dimensional models, music, videos, and other virtual information are simulated and applied to the real world. The two kinds of information complement each other, thus realizing the “enhancement” of the real world.

The technology that can change the traditional computer space from two-dimensional to three-dimensional is holographic technology.

The further development of 5G and AR technology may become a catalyst for the further arrival of the “AR holographic era”. As holographic technology gradually penetrates all walks of life, its market prospects will also become very broad.

As a solution provider under 5G, WIMI has a leading AR holographic application platform in China. It is currently mainly used in entertainment, advertising, education, and other industries. Meanwhile, its hardware environment is relatively mature, which is very beneficial to the development of software and content in these fields. WIMI has established a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all Chinese holographic AR solution providers. WMI Hologram Cloud owns approximately 4654 AR holographic contents, 106 software copyrights, and 219 technical patents.

Due to changes in the bandwidth of 5G communication networks, holographic applications are gradually being applied to social media, communications, navigation, home applications, and other application scenarios. The commercial application scenarios of products are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field theater, performing arts system, commercial publishing system, and advertising display system.

WIMI builds a multi-angle shooting real-time modeling system, a six-degree matrix optical field system, a binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system, and a multi-image dynamic fusion system. Besides, WIMI also has the holographic image high-speed processing algorithm, the stealth polyester optical imaging film, the holographic virtual character voice reconstruction technology, and the holographic cloud platform. The holographic cloud platform is an interactive platform with data storage, image restoration, and holographic social attributes.

WIMI builds a complete 5G holographic communication application platform through the combination of the above systems to support various online terminal and personal device applications. In the meantime, WIMI also expands various mainstream 5G holographic applications, such as holographic social communication, holographic family interaction, holographic star interaction, holographic online education, and holographic online meeting.

Space computing based on 5G and AR will change the way of human-computer interaction and give birth to more technology integration and application scenarios.

Nowadays, the scale of the AR market is showing an accelerated growth momentum around the world. Revenue from the AR and VR markets is expected to double or more in 2021. Since last year, tech giants have entered the AR field, and there is no doubt about the AR wave set off by tech giants.

At present, AR not only affects the way and experience of human-computer interaction, but also empowers the intelligent transformation of various industries by its vertical integration capabilities.

For the AR industry, terminal innovation with lighter weight, high resolution, and larger FOV is the key; 3D stereo, high frame rate content has become a rigid demand; high computing power cloud rendering, low latency encoding, as well as the high bandwidth and low latency capability of fiber and 5G dual gigabit network is the guarantee support.

In the process of AR popularization, 5G plays an important role in this process, 5G+AR has become the new frontier of science and technology. Moreover, AR content applications developed around 5G have gradually increased, and they have been promoted to consumers, and have received positive feedback from the market. There is no doubt that 5G is a catalyst for AR applications, and the development of 5G will accelerate the pace of AR popularization. In the future, AR will integrate into more industrial ecosystems and become an important part of industrial development. WIMI’s vision for the 5G era may also bring more expectations for AR applications.

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