One of the world’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, Jeremy McGilvrey, doesn’t attribute their meteoric rise to their half-million in client revenue from Upwork, over 700+ 5-star reviews, or even being consistently featured on publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Huffington Post. In fact, while their ability to generate ROI-producing, […]

Enterprise mobility, or mobile device and data management, has become a top priority for modern organizations since the iPhone launched in 2007. While several mobile management tools exist, one of the most critical is mobile application management (MAM) software, as it provides oversight and security for software on a user’s […]

When B2B marketing leaders are asked to build an integrated plan to support digital transformation and growth initiatives, it’s natural to consider how your team will get there. Most organizations have grown digital capabilities organically as challenges or opportunities arise. Marketing leaders should identify the digital capability requirements needed to […]

First we buy a gadget. For the next few years, the manufacturer releases an occasional software update that fixes bugs and protects us from vulnerabilities. One day, those updates stop coming. According to conventional wisdom, that’s the time to buy a new device. But what if it isn’t? The truth […]

There are several critical steps to successfully secure open-source software applications. Open source software (OSS) usage has grown immensely over the past few years. These publicly-available platforms enable users to freely utilize, modify and share data, which helps businesses leverage significant benefits. As a software developer yourself, you’ll want to […]