AZ Big Media 3 ways your digital marketing agency can benefit from CRM

As a digital marketing agency, you know the many benefits of how technology can help you to grow your business. After all, your focus is on digital technology in the realm of marketing, so you understand why you also need the same technology you suggest for your clients. Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is one of those technologies which can help you improve your relationships with customers, understand trends in marketing, and keep you in touch with current and past clients. In effect, it’s a marketing tool for marketers, providing you with at least three key benefits.

1. Integrate Customer Information from a Single Dashboard

The best CRM for digital marketing agency purposes will have an integrated dashboard from which to collect and analyze all data pertaining to each and every client. With the purpose of building stronger and better relationships with your clients, having everything at your fingertips can help you better customize marketing strategies. The foundation of a great CRM is data analytics, and in marketing that is a key component. Imagine how that will help to expedite new marketing strategies. You can set the parameters for the data you require and then sit back while automation kicks in.

2. Automation to Improve the Customer Experience

Now imagine all those hours you spend gathering and analyzing data for clients in literally every industry. The best CRM can work seamlessly in the background gathering all that data so necessary within the field of marketing. Once you set the parameters within the dashboard, you can track literally every interaction with your clients to better serve them going forward. You can even partner with them to begin collecting data within their industry to help you better strategize for them.

3. Contact Tracker and Management

Just as you tell your clients when helping to grow their respective businesses, staying in touch with customers is vital toward customer retention. The same holds true for the marketing agency that is advising them to maintain contact. Whether tracing phone calls, emails or even chat bots, you can stay closer to your clients and their needs. Speaking of chat bots, that’s another feature which the best CRMs include. Many have a chat bot feature you can use within your own customer service department. It is, after all, a form of communication and will often provide the answers your clients need without the aid of a human.

How many times have you been called upon to launch a massive reputation repair campaign for a client that was the recipient of bad press? It could have been social media or a comment left by a frustrated customer of theirs. Often it was unfounded but other times it was the lack of communication with the business that frustrated their customers most. With a great CRM you will no longer need to worry about communicating with your clients because the software will alert you when your communication is needed. Don’t leave yourself open to the same kinds of issues you help your clients overcome. A CRM can help you manage all that and so much more.

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