Marketing isn’t an easy activity. From strategizing to putting campaigns in motion to conducting follow-ups and making adjustments, there are a lot of areas to consider. Consequently, along with a competent marketing team, most businesses need a CMO (chief marketing officer) to oversee everything. Whichever direction they decide to go, […]

A wave of new AI technologies will revamp marketing strategies, generating gobs of particulars about consumers. Chief marketing officers will likely develop future strategies based on the transformational influence of artificial intelligence such as emotion AI, influence engineering and generative AI. According to a recent report from technological research and […]

Internships are a staple of early-day careers. Most companies will expect new hires to have some sort of internship experience after graduating college. For the most part, internships do a good job of taking care of college students and entry-level working professionals. Digital marketing isn’t always an obvious career choice […]

Sponsored Content The world of marketing is constantly changing, and this is why working with an advertising agency in the Bay Area can be an enormous asset. There are so many different techniques that advertising agencies employ to get the results that businesses are looking for. This is one of […]