Digital marketing Agency vs. In-House: Which is Better?

Business owners develop digital marketing strategies to scale their marketing to reach their target audience, convert leads and grow their business. But they need talented people to execute this strategy and take charge of their marketing initiatives.

Choosing between outsourced marketing and an internal marketing team can take time and effort. Many factors affect the performance of the two options.

Keep reading for the benefits and drawbacks of choosing either of the two methods.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is an outsourced team that a company hires to market its business and design and develop its digital marketing strategy. The digital agency is a substitute for its in-house team and performs its roles outside the company.

Some of the reasons why a company may opt to work with external marketing experts include:

1.      Diverse Skills

An agency works with dozens of clients at any given time. So, the company has a big team working on these projects. Hiring an agency means hiring an entire team and their network. The team will help you with SEO, content generation, monitoring your campaign performance, and much more.

This big team generates creative solutions after seeing things from a different angle. It is also flexible and can adapt your strategy based on you’re the needs of your business.

2.      Deeper Expertise

Digital marketing agencies specialize in specific areas and have experience working with different organizations in your industry. They may focus on performance advertising, content marketing, etc. In addition to specializing, they also have a high level of expertise and competence in this space because they work with multiple clients.

3.      Scalable

Businesses experience numerous challenges when scaling. They need the right talent to handle the growing customer base, run marketing campaigns and monitor their performance.

Working with the right marketing agency can help you alleviate these challenges. The external team will double the marketing efforts as your business grows, identify the best marketing channels for each growth stage, and much more.

4.      Dedicated Marketing Partner

An outsourced team is results-driven and has the urgency to make things happen. These professionals use the knowledge and experience acquired after working with multiple clients to solve your problems. That means an outsourced team thinks on a higher level than an internal team.

In-House Marketing Team

A company may create an internal marketing team to promote its business, products, and services. The success of the in-house team largely depends on your recruitment process. Attracting and hiring the right talent for your marketing department is key.

An in-house team invests its emotions, time, and energy more than an outsourced team that works with many organizations. Other benefits include:

1.      Focused Team

An internal team works solely on your project, while an agency handles multiple projects. Your in-house team gives you their entire brain power. Some brands recruit experts to bolster their internal teams and help them achieve their goals.

2.      High Brand Familiarity Level

An inside marketing team is fully immersed in your company mission. It has better customer insight, including their pain points and the channels that offers them seamless customer experience. They can also leverage the experience and knowledge of other teams to improve their marketing activities.

3.      Greater Control

Managers have better oversight when the internal team executes the marketing strategy. You can access the in-house team easily, and there is closer collaboration than working with an external team.

You can easily deviate from the scope of work when your team handles the work internally. On the other hand, the external team is bound by the contract you signed. You need to renegotiate and pay an extra amount before your change the scope of work.

4.      Easily Access

Your in-house marketing team is just a few steps away. You can walk over to their office or desk and talk to them. But an outsourced could be oversea, in a different city or state. You can only reach them through email, call, or chat. Their availability is also limited because they’re handling other projects besides yours.


Choosing between an agency and an in-house marketing team can be overwhelming since many factors are involved. One company may outsource, while another may maintain an internal marketing team because their situations and goals differ.

This article has provided you with the necessary information you need to make the best possible decision based on your business. After all, you’re the only one that understands your business the best. But whatever the choice, you must market your business to your target audience because your customers determine your growth and success.

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