Dyndrite launches new software for LPBF application

Dyndrite has announced the launch of its first end-user software, Dyndrite Materials and Process Development for LPBF application, at Formnext 2022.

Focused on materials and process development for laser powder bed fusion AM systems, the new software takes advantage of Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) and 3D volumetric part segmentation.

The provider of GPU-accelerated computation engine for digital manufacturing, said that Dyndrite Materials and Process Development for LPBF, has been developed to give LPBF users more power and control over geometries, tool pathing recipes, and parameters, and promises new opportunities for alloys, build rate strategies, and methods for printing previously unprintable parts.

“After 12 years at a large rocket manufacturer leading the assembly of one of the world’s most advanced AM factories, the Dyndrite engineers and I have been hard at work creating the tool that I wish I had in my prior role,” said Dyndrite head of product Steve Walton.

“The industry previously did not have the software needed to rationally explore the opportunities provided by laser powder bed fusion processes. Users could not efficiently investigate new materials, new build strategies, or even new machine architectures. Dyndrite changes this,” he went on.

“This new software provides a flexible new approach, a new data model, innovative and performant APIs, and complete access to toolpath geometry for those who want or need to go further.”

Leveraging Dyndrite’s existing technology, the new software should come with several benefits including the ability to work with CAD data directly, handle large files, and save and share build recipes.

With 3D volumetric part segmentation, users should be able to identify upskins, downskins, inskins, and part features typically missed by 2.5D layer-by-layer-based solutions.

This new geometry query method also means that users should now be able to quickly qualify parts, materials and machines, using geometric operations to compensate for challenges associated with process physics.

Available via Dyndrite’s Early Adopter Program, the company said that the launch comes with support from AM companies such as Aconity, AddUp, Farsoon, Renishaw, SLM Solutions and Trumpf, and that LPBF machines from these vendors will benefit from off-the-shelf compatibility.

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