It’s a new year, and some of the most popular apps, software and hardware of the past years is now dead and defunct for 2021. 

Missing in action. 

Adobe Flash

The Adobe Flash software, which was used to animate cartoons back in the day and bring video to life on so many websites, is no longer supported by Adobe, which in 2017 announced that it would disappear by the end of 2020. 

The problem: the software didn’t play well with mobile phones (Apple’s Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to consumers explaining why he wouldn’t let Flash on iPhones back in 2010) and had security issues. So what to do if you’re a Flash user? Adobe suggests that all consumers should delete the program from their computers now. While support has ended, Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, so you better get busy. Adobe says Windows and Apple users will get notifications urging them to delete Flash, with steps on how to do it. 

A poster advertising FarmVille in a mall.


The popular game, which millions played for hours on Facebook since 2009, is now defunct on Facebook, a victim of Flash’s demise. The social network is no longer supporting games built in the Flash format. 

The game goes back to early days of social networking, where we built our farms with in-app currency of tools and more land, and nudged friends to visit.