gmail: No network? No problem! Access Gmail without internet. Here’s how to use it

Google’s Gmail is definitely one of the most used emailing platforms around the world. The email service is convenient and super easy to access on mobile phone and computer. It also comes packed with different features and tools that are used in the work environment and also in academics.

Given its popularity, Google has launched a new feature that will allow users to access Gmail even without internet network connectivity. This surely is a very key feature released by Google as it will help users stay in touch irrespective of their network coverage. The tool will come handy in areas that have low connectivity or no internet access.

According to reports, the users will now be able to access their Gmail account, and read and respond to their emails. Not only this, but Google will also give you the access to run a quick search on your Gmail platform even when you are offline and outside the network area.

How To Use It
The feature will only work on Google Chrome browser and in normal browsing mode. The tool will not be available on the Incognito tab.

In order to switch on the offline feature on Gmail account, go to Google’s website – and then once your account opens, click the Settings or the Cogwheel button.

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Now click on ‘See All Setting’. Now hit the ‘Offline’ button. Once the page opens, click on the ‘Enable offline mail’ option.

Once you have followed these steps and saved the option, Gmail will start showing you new settings.

The new feature gives you an option to choose how your emails get synced with your Gmail account. You can choose how many days of emails you want to see. Once you have decided, click on ‘Save changes’.

For smoother access, you can even bookmark this page on your Chrome browser.

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