BROCKTON — In a cramped homeless shelter that smells like Black & Mild cigars, 15-year-old Brandon Tory dumpster-dives for salvageable parts to build his own computer as 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” plays in his headphones and he slowly mumbles the words.

Tory now lives a double life as a senior engineer at Google and a rapper. 

Tory, as a teenager, stayed up all night in a Brockton shelter where his family lived and spray-painted a computer he built from scratch black. 

Building computers, hacking, coding and reading carried Tory through the unstable environment that was his life. 

“My family faced a lot of financial struggles, but my mind was always focused on becoming a hacker and learning how to code. So I taught myself how to code and different coding languages, and I was good at it at a young age,” Tory said.