How digital marketing and analytics leads to organisational growth

Since the advent of online advertising, marketers have increasingly focused on improving digital marketing and how to better engage consumers. Increasingly, the well-defined reach possible through the Internet is playing a key role in marketing and identifying potential markets. Acquiring in-depth knowledge on marketing through the Internet and analysing the large data available are key elements dictating the business strategies of organisations.
The Internet connects an organisation to the world. The smart data analysis and algorithms employed these days capture consumer attitudes, preferences, and behaviour like no research has done in the past. It is possible to define a target audience by many parameters such as age, education, income, and even preferences in food. This enables marketers to come up with customised solutions and advertising campaigns aimed at specific target groups. The campaigns can be tailored to suit the budget, taste, and consumption patterns of these groups to maximise the effect. Digital marketing and analytics, in short, is all about a ‘smart connect’ with the target audience to maximise returns on the one hand while optimising the cost of the campaign on the other. 

The cost of covering an entire market in geographic terms is huge. Much of the marketing communications will reach an audience that’s not prospective. Also, a ‘tuned out’ audience will drain valuable advertising rupee for the organisation. Smart digital marketing saves valuable resources and ensures the communication reaches the entire target audience effectively by choosing the best platform, time, and duration. The target audience gets maximum OTS (opportunity to see) at the least cost. If effectively implemented, a digital marketing campaign will bring down the cost of reach drastically as compared to conventional media such as print and outdoor. 
Digital marketing is therefore a critical part of an organisation’s campaign in the quest for garnering a lion’s share in the market. It is no surprise then that most organisations are looking for qualified professionals to push their marketing communications through the Internet. Digital media is evolving too and offers more possibilities now than ever better, making it a must along with other media in a marketing campaign. 

Demand for digital marketing professionals on an uptrend

It is estimated that the digital advertising market has been growing at a CAGR of 29.50 per cent in the recent past. The spending on digital media is expected to touch a whopping Rs 35,809 crores by 2023 (source: Business Insider 2022). This growth is fuelling demand for professionals in the field. On average, a digital marketing professional can expect a salary package of around INR 15 lakhs per annum to begin with. At middle and senior levels, the package could go up to around INR 32 lakhs (source: Glassdoor 2022). 

This indicates the demand for digital marketing and analytics professionals in the market today. The need and possibilities in digital marketing and analytics have led to many institutions launching programmes that equip both students and working professionals with the skillsets needed to leverage the power of the Internet effectively. Going by postings on LinkedIn alone, there is a demand for over 35,000 digital marketing professionals in India presently. This could well be the tip of the iceberg given the huge potential of the Internet. 
Why do digital marketing and analytics programmes help?
A certified programme in digital marketing and analytics equips students and employed professionals with the skills needed to understand how the Internet works to their advantage. There are many factors governing the use of the Internet and how a well-defined target audience can be reached. While there is a large volume of data available and can be captured, it is imperative to analyse and use this data effectively. 

Certified programmes cover all these aspects of marketing through digital media. They help in the application of strategies based on the analysis of data captured. A programme is a comprehensive guide to digital marketing as it covers all its aspects.
Digital Marketing and Analytics programme by ISB Executive Education
An example of a comprehensive programme is the Digital Marketing and Analytics programme by ISB Executive Education. This programme has content based on today’s marketing needs and covers the gamut of branches needed for digital campaigns. 

The highlights of this programme include 128 recorded videos from globally renowned ISB faculty, 20 assignments and quizzes, over 6 case studies, over 10 discussion boards, 13 online sessions with industry practitioners, and 4 simulations. The programme delivers over 100 lessons, over 23 hours of assignments and 7.50 hours of assessments. This adds up to the transfer of knowledge from the industry to create job-ready professionals with the skillsets to deliver from the word go.
This programme specifically equips students and working professionals to:

● Get more ROI from their digital campaigns
● Gain actionable knowledge from an industry-oriented curriculum and real-world case studies
● Maximise reach, engagement, and conversions with optimised paid campaigns
● Build frameworks for the successful planning and execution of campaign strategies
For more: Certified programme in digital marketing and analytics

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