iPod is now officially DEAD! Apple kills its superhit gadget after 20 YEARS

iPod has been discontinued by Apple after a long run of 20 years. The last model was the iPod Touch 7th Generation.

The iPod is officially dead! After a long run of 20 years, Apple has discontinued one of its most popular gadget. The last of the breed was the iPod Touch 7th Generation that was launched in mid-2019 and was sold only via offline retailers. Apple no more makes this iPod and now has no intention to introduce its successor. The first iPod was announced by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs back in 2001.

The iPod has seen multiple variants over the years and post 2007, it was the iPhone that took over the spotlight. At the first iPhone’s launch event, Steve Jobs had famously presented the iPhone as a combination of the iPod, a phone, and an Internet navigator. Apple continued introducing multiple variants of the iPod in the later years.

iPod is now officially dead

The iPod was not the first gadget to focus on portable digital music. It was, however, the gadget that changed the music industry and how people consume it. The iPod relied on iTunes to access new music tracks on to the iPod’s storage. The device itself had a click-wheel to control the interface as well.

In the succeeding years, Apple updated the iPod with more storage and design. More variants of the iPod came in the latter years, which included the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch. The original iPod was later sold as the iPod Classic.

When the iPhone came into the scene, the iPod became redundant since iPhones could do everything and more. Later generations of the iPod Touch essentially seemed like a modified iPhone without cellular access. The 7th Generation iPod Touch was updated with the A10 Fusion chip and offered the same design as the previous generation iPod Touch.

If you are of the nostalgic kind and want to hold on to Apple’s history, you can still find the iPod Touch 7th Generation in stores. In India, the iPod was sold at a price of Rs. 18,990 and you will need to find via Apple third-party retailers.

Meanwhile, for those looking to get the same iPod experience but with modern performance and some benefits of a smartphone, the iPhone SE 3rd Generation is a good option to consider. Its retro design is reminiscent of the iPod Touch but you get the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a set of reliable camera systems, the very powerful A15 Bionic chipset, 5G connectivity, and good battery life.

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