LG’s new display panel can be stretched, folded and twisted

LG is no stranger to innovative display tech, being one of the pioneers in screens of all shapes and sizes, but the brand’s latest display panel is one of its most impressive yet – a screen that not only folds and twists but can also be stretched to make it larger to an extent.

This 12-inch panel by LG can be stretched by up to 20 per cent and can reach a size of 14-inches before returning to 12-inches when the tension is released, all without causing any damage to the panel. The new ‘free-form’ display panel may eventually come to a range of smart-products including those with moving parts, like furniture fabric.

The stretch-aspect of the screen is powered by micro-LEDs which are connected by S-shaped springs instead of straight wires, allowing the entire mechanism to expand when pulled. The display panel also comes with a good resolution density for all its physical abilities, which is about 100ppi (pixels per inch). That together with full RGB support also means you won’t really compromise on colour or deal with pixelation here.

A report by GSMArena also mentions that the display panel is also sturdy enough for a user to sit on it without damaging the panel. LG expects to see the panel in action across various industries including fashion, gaming and wearables, but the tech can virtually find use-cases in many more areas.

This includes automobiles, which are currently seeing an industry-wide shift to smarter dashboards and features that make the in-car experience more usable and intuitive, while also giving off much more of a futuristic aesthetic vibe.

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