lifecell launched VoWiFi. VoWiFi answered in the sky around Aroged’s Internet network

Lifecell launched a new call technology under the eloquent name “Viele Over Wi-Fi” where subscribers can call based on a Wi-Fi network outside the coverage zone of a cellular network. The new technology is currently working by the test side and is good for the newest generation of VoLTE speakers.


What is the difference between VoWiFi and VoLTE?

lifecell separately stressed out that they introduced VoWiFi, which bypassed other mobile operators in Ukraine. They’ll provide connectivity to places that use Wi-Fi, but are limited to mobile devices such as hiding places, basements and basements. In the same situation, the Wi-Fi hotspot is an operator base station.

VoWiFi has the most beneficial advantages.

Currently, VoWiFi calls charged as regular voice calls are available to lifecell subscribers with modern smartphones such as Samsung and Xiaomi. You can check whether your smartphone supports VoWiFi calling or by visiting the website in order to see if your smartphone uses compatible models. Unfortunately, the company will not be able to use VoWiFi, although lifecell notes that that’s temporary and the list of devices will soon increase.

The subscribers’ smartphone will support VoWiFi calls. There are, in addition, some conditions to be met.


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Having a USIM card; being in the Wi-Fi area; activating the Wi-Fi Calling on a mobile phone.

Activating VoLTE/VoWiFi on a smartphone (iOS and Android) (enabled) means activating the app (iOS and Android).

There is a FAQ section on the service site that gives you some basic information.


Even though this is not the case, VoWiFi seems to be a very useful technology.

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