Shaun Edwards, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Office for Plus One Robotics, works with his colleagues to sponsor interns through a partnership with CAST Tech. Plus One Robotics is a homegrown success, offering a unique service: the company modifies industrial robots to be able to work in different ways.

“We take industrial robots you might see, like at a car factory, like at Toyota, south of town. We add brains and eyes to them and give them the ability to work in a much more dynamic environment,” Edwards said. “That enabling technology is something new and cutting edge. It’s not something traditionally done, and it’s something happening right here in San Antonio.”

Edwards said the company has had college interns in the past and were surprised to see the interns from CAST Tech working at a similar level, despite still being in high school.

“CAST Tech interns are equivalent to what we expected out of college, so they were able to provide tremendous value, very early on and worked with minimal oversight, so we are happy with that,” Edwards said. “The students at CAST Tech are the ones that are going to go on to be engineers. For a lot of people in SA, when they want to be engineers, they don’t know they have an option to stay in San Antonio necessarily. There’s fewer engineering jobs here. And by engaging them early, we can convince them that ‘hey, there’s opportunities here in San Antonio’.” 

Another company CAST Tech is working with is San Antonio-based DOCUmation, a technology solutions company offering IT, print and software services. 

Arica Espinoza, Director of Marketing for DOCUmation, agrees with the high level of work coming from the CAST Tech interns.

“It’s so important to us to reach out to our young peers. CAST Tech is a phenomenal school and matches our values as well,” Espinoza said. “So when they reached out to say hey we have some internship opportunities and wanted to see if you were interested, we jumped on it right away because we knew the students at CAST Tech were just top-notch. So it was fantastic going through that process and finding Timiera.”