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Marketing efforts in today’s world have become so dynamic that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for every brand. With different brands having various customers, products, and marketing methods, digital marketing solution providers have also adapted with the products they offer to suit brands’ needs. is one of the new products pushing the envelope for digital marketing, a company started by digital marketer Marat Zhanabekov and seasoned chief marketing Alex Sergeev. 

The idea of, no-code SaaS tool for push notification marketing, was born thanks to previous projects Zhanabekov and Sergeev were involved in.  The tool is changing how audiences receive push notifications on their devices, and since January 2021, it has grown to the point where it delivers 200 million notifications daily with a monthly growth rate of 30 percent. Hinged on its founders’ experience in the marketing industry as a marketing director from a top 1 Eastern Europe IT giant, is one of the new tech with notable achievements under its belt. It is backed by Y Combinator and fully on board with its operations are an ex-Amplitude COO and former Google advisors.

“Today you have to hire an entire department of marketers and analysts who will build sending chains, and test different segments in order to make unobtrusive and engaging communication using push notifications. We are changing this approach with automation and machine learning. We connect to the application’s event stream, accept a large bundle of different creative options from the client, and our models begin to train. It’s very similar to Facebook’ Pixel:  marketer should implement it, create one CPA campaign, and FB decides which variation to show to which user in order to maximize the metric,” – explains Marat Zhanabekov. has played a pivotal role in many customers’ increased revenue growth. It has also become a top choice for many small and medium-sized applications, as it allows them to send personalized push notifications that are already made. Businesses are saved from the stress of developing new integrations so their product and marketing teams can effectively communicate with users through push campaigns.

Aleksandr Sergeev’s over eight years of experience building artificial intelligence products for over forty applications shines through in’s performance and delivery. Companies in different niches and industries like food delivery, gaming, e-commerce, productivity, and subscription applications all use to achieve long-term retention.

“As you probably know, iOS15 and the new Android OS require marketers to be super responsive and adjust every push notification to avoid the risks of being in the “Summarise folder” (Spam folder). That means a new reality for mobile app marketers, who need to be super precise with targeting, and timings and speak a very contextual language. However present tools did not change their old-fashioned “rule-based approach” for the last 10 years. We see  20-30% push notifications performance decrease since iOS 15 was released” Aleksandr explains. was presented as a solution to many tech solutions that needed code for them to work. Giving mobile apps a solution that lets them set up high-performance personalized push notifications with no code is a breath of fresh air. It also has a high level of automation and users can deploy personalized messages to their audiences without hiring a lifecycle marketing specialist. Aleksandr Sergeev got all these ideas from experiencing a deep inconvenience with irrelevant push notifications that were difficult to turn off. These  notifications were also mostly based more on market assumptions than behavioral data, and nGrow AI set out to change that. “It is a new one in that industry, and we are inspired to help people get a better communication experience with the app,” he said.

Over the next few years, is poised to expand its operational model and use its low code and AI automation to impact other channels like in-app notifications or email.

“Building a digital product is impossible without any idea of communicating with users. Proper communication can impact up to 30% of revenue. We want the world to know how important it is to set up personalized auto-adjusted notifications and communication with the end of the user, and understand more about the present and future situation here,” he explained.

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