As a parent, you need to know what your kids are up to, especially on the internet. Teens and children are more vulnerable to internet dangers such as cyber predators, online hazards, or social media posts that could later haunt them in life.

Parental control software allows parents to manage and monitor what their kids are doing online. With an increasing number of time kids spend on the internet, better ways to monitor and stay up to date on your kids’ digital lives are becoming an indispensable tool.

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Why Parental Control Software Is Necessary

The market is now filled with so many types of parental control apps and software as kids become more and more vulnerable on the internet.

As a parent who cares for your child’s safety, you should see a parental control software or app as a right=hand man, an extra pair of eyes to help you protect your child from online hazards, keeping them safe and secure.

Some devices come with native parental controls, but intuitive kids have managed to find their way around these apps and might even disable them. Most native parental control apps don’t have the capabilities and customizable features that most parents look for when setting up limits for their child.

Parental control software doesn’t just protect your kids and your family from malicious online activity. Still, it also helps you find a balance in the amount of screen time your kids are getting by allowing you to set limits.

According to a study carried out by JAMA Pediatrics in 2019, excessive screen time can affect a child’s development, including memory, attention, and language skills. Furthermore, your kids will be getting less sleep, little or no physical activity, obese, poor academic results, mental issues, etc.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using parental control software:

  • Back up

You can educate your children on how to use the internet safely all day, and they might still end up making mistakes and venturing into hazardous situations, so you need a backup. There has to be a system in place to serve as an extra pair of eyes.

  • Keep Track Of All Internet Devices

Your kids might be issued tablets for school asides from their internet devices such as laptops and smartphones; it can be tricky to track which browser the child uses on any of them. With parental control software, you can track all their internet activities across their various devices and apply settings to all devices and browsers.

  • Continuity

There is absolutely no way you can keep track of your children’s internet activity all the time; there are times your child will access the internet in your absence, but parental control software can do the monitoring and even alert you when restricted sites are accessed.

  • Prevents malware or virus attack

While surfing the net, your child can stumble into malware. The parental control software will help you filter inappropriate sites, including those that have malware attached.

  • Outsmarts tech-savvy kids

The parental control software can outsmart a tech-savvy child who has found his or her way around the device and browser settings by continuing to filter inappropriate sites.


Every parent must keep their children safe without compromising room for them to grow. Finding the best parental control software for your family can be an added layer of protection and give a worry-less time tracking your kids’ online activities.