Prep Frozen Meat Safely and Efficiently With This Handy Gadget From Amazon

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Weeknight cooking can get a bit hectic, no matter how much planning you do ahead of time. Between long commutes and the desire to do absolutely anything but cook once you get home, even the best-laid plans can end up in takeout.

In our house, I’m notorious for forgetting to defrost whatever protein is on the docket for the evening. I’ll have the best intentions for taking out a steak or defrosting a few chicken thighs, but before you know it 5 p.m. has rolled around and everything is still in the freezer. Defrosting protein in the microwave is always an option, but it’s one that gives me a bit of pause — I feel like I’m automatically destining myself to food poisoning. Plus, the rubbery, gray result you get once you take the meat out is, ahem, less than appealing. I’ve often wished there was a better way.

Well friends, now there is. Enter: Evelots’ Meat Defrosting Tray, available on Amazon (naturally). Specifically designed for those nights when you need to defrost a protein quickly, this innovative tray saves energy and speeds up natural thawing, resulting in flavorful meat that maintains all of its essential nutrients (another pitfall of using the microwave).

The secret lies in the tray’s fine-grade aluminum construction, which boasts a non-stick silicone coating. The aluminum effectively transfers heat from the environment to the frozen food to rapidly thaw your proteins from within. Generously sized at 14″ long and 8″ wide, it offers plenty of space for defrosting multiple pieces of protein without crowding them too closely together, which can also slow down the defrosting process. All in all, this tray claims to defrost large pieces of protein (think: chicken, steak, pork, or lamb) in as little as 30 to 60 minutes, and smaller, thinner cuts (like fish filets or thin cuts of meat) up to five times faster than unassisted thawing.

Need a bit more convincing? Take it from some of the near 2,000 five-star reviews “I was a bit skeptical purchasing this defrosting tray but thought I would give it a try,” says one happy customer. “I’m forever forgetting to take meat out of the freezer for the next day (but then again I’ll bet I’m not alone in this). I used it for the first time today, I pulled frozen chicken breasts out and left them in the freezer bag. I was amazed! It was thawed completely in no time! [The tray] cleans nicely and is easy to store. Definitely recommend!” Says another buyer, “Folks, this really, really works! And on a range of frozen items, not just meat. I’ve used it to defrost casseroles (in baggies) and even fruit. Pretty, pretty good!”

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