As businesses around the world pivot to digital and remote models of working, the challenges and concerns for SMBs to go digital have taken centre stage.

Early on, as people who were habitual to sit in the neatly aligned cubical next to their teammates moved back to their living or study room, there were real struggles about functioning online. Collaborative digital platforms came to the rescue at such a time. Cumulatively, these platforms were termed as ‘Winners of the Quarantine Economy’.

Collaborative digital platforms not only offer virtual meeting solutions but also other features such as Syncing meetings with digital calendar, Screen Sharing, Notes, Whiteboard, Collaborative Document editing and Group chats, etc.

Recognising this, Express Computer and LogMeIn India is organising a virtual roundtable discussion titled, ‘Reimagining technology to enable remote working’, which will set the direction for remote working in organizations.

Why attend:
✓ Understand why remote working is needed in your organization
✓ Evaluate your organization IT infrastructure to support remote working
✓ Learn about solutions to overcome the challenges
✓ Prepare your organization for the ‘new’ model of work
✓ Learn more about LogMeIn’s offerings to enable remote working

Speaker: Vikas Malhotra, Head – Enterprise Business, LogMeIn, India

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