Lose weight. Quit smoking. Manage finances better.

Sure, these are all popular and sincere New Year’s Resolutions – especially after the challenging year we’ve just endured — but you should also consider giving yourself a small tech makeover this year.

In fact, doing so can keep you safer, more productive, and even help the environment at the same time.

Perhaps you haven’t properly protected your devices, and thus leaving your info at risk? Maybe it’s the year you get friendly with the “Unsubscribe” option in your emails to clean up your inbox? And as you likely received new tech over the holidays, what do you plan on doing with your older gear?

Fortunately, there are some simple solutions for you to start 2021 off on the right foot. The following are a few techy resolutions to consider.

It doesn’t matter how you do it – external hard drive or solid state drive (SSD), USB flash drive (“thumbdrive” or “jump drive”) or uploaded to a cloud account, but it’s key to back-up your important files before it’s too late. Pictured here is WD’s My Passport external hard drive (from $54.99 for 1 terabyte).

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I will back up my important info

You know the old adage – you don’t know what you got until it’s gone – so be sure to back up your important files on a regular basis in case of theft, fire or flood, a nasty virus, or power surge that fries your drive.