It can be a difficult task to optimise the content on your site to achieve greater online visibility. Companies mostly choose to hire content marketers and web designers to help enhance their online content. While it may be a cheaper option, it is not always effective. Today Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential factor in ensuring that a site achieves higher internet visibility. Websites and their content must be optimised adequately to qualify for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). You can look online at reviews about online brands to see how brands ensure they are relevant online. A key aspect of ensuring the success of a website’s online relevance is having a skilled SEO expert. In this article, the skills that any SEO expert should have been discussed.


Prioritisation is an essential aspect of achieving a successful SEO campaign. SEO experts should, therefore, equip themselves with the necessary steps needed. Each step should be given priority based on its difficulty and importance. One of the hardest and time-consuming aspects of the SEO process is backlink building. A backlink refers to a link that leads to your site from renowned websites pertinent to your industry. It is an essential factor in determining the ranking of a page. It can be thought of as an endorsement.

Due to the difficult nature of the backlink building process, it should be given a high priority and a lot of time dedicated to it, ensuring it bears the desired results. On the other hand, simple tasks should be given less time.


Anyone wanting to be an expert SEO should possess robust writing skills. SEO is a content-driven strategy, and thus, having helpful content is critical. While adding content to your site may seem simple, having content with appropriate keywords incorporated without looking forced isn’t easy. Reading an information page or blog with keywords stuffed into it can discourage readers, and so does it on Google. To ensure a successful SEO campaign, you must ensure that you properly place keywords and have other robust writing skills.


Ensure that you know essential SEO tools

Search engine optimisation is more than just about keywords. For a SEO expert to effectively create and enhance the content on all platforms, they need to apply a multi-tiered approach. Luckily, multiple tools exist to help in the analysis, research, and development of new insights. The tools help format, create, and post content while also monitoring what is working and what needs improvement. Some tools will help automate time-consuming SEO tasks. If a SEO expert is to reap the benefit of these tools, they need to have a strong understanding of concepts such as page indexing: including on-page optimisation and Meta descriptions.

Analytics skills

Data analysis is a vital part of the role of an SEO expert. They should not only have an analytical mindset, but they should also guarantee that they are conversant with the following applications.

  • Google search console
  • Google Analytics
  • Heat map tools such as Top Spot and Crazy Egg
  • Backlink analysis
  • Screaming Frog

To have a working SEO strategy for your page and to be able to monitor its effectiveness effectively, a good SEO expert should have the ability to analyse Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as time on page, conversion rate, bounce rate, and website traffic.

Web coding

SEO experts don’t have to be professional web designers; however, it’s imperative that they have basic knowledge of Meta tags and web design. They should have unique marketing skills to understand how to combine SEO strategy and web design in a manner that most web designers wouldn’t appreciate.

Research skills

A good SEO expert should have the ability to research the prevailing industry trends to evolve and ensure that they keep the site’s performance at its optimum. For a SEO expert to be able to perform adequate research, they should ensure that they  have proper experience in the following areas

  • Google Trends
  • MOZ or SEMRush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Answer the Public
  • Keywords everywhere
  • MozBar

Using these tools, a SEO expert will investigate various factors that impact your website’s performance in search engines.

Finally, as you search for a SEO specialist for your site or page, it is essential to look for individuals with the above skills and demonstrate that they are skilled in the above tools. SEO experts with these skills are a critical asset in the growth of a business and help take its online strategies to greater heights. Marketplaces such as should implement these tips to increase their sales.