Parity computers can perform operations between two or more qubits on a single qubit. Parity quantum computers make complicated algorithms easier┬áto implement. In a quantum computer, quantum bits (qubits) act simultaneously as a computing unit and memory. Quantum information cannot be stored in a memory as in a conventional computer […]

Agri-Valley Services has completed their latest project with the installation of a new fiber-optic network connection in Elkton, bringing faster speeds to village residents. In October 2021, the village approached AVS about how they could provide the service because residents wanted other options for hardline internet. The new fiber internet […]

Researchers have pioneered a technique that can dramatically accelerate certain types of computer programs automatically, while ensuring program results remain accurate. Their system boosts the speeds of programs that run in the Unix shell, a ubiquitous programming environment created 50 years ago that is still widely used today. Their method […]

Howard University is partnering with Samsung Electronics America and Amdocs to pilot 5G broadband wireless internet access on campus, a program that delivers faster and more secure campus-wide connectivity for students, faculty, and staff. Currently being piloted at College Hall North and South, the network provides a private CBRS network […]