Starlink – Best potential among satellite internet providers Prices: $90 – $120 per month Speeds: 20 – 250Mbps Key Info: No term contract, 1TB data limit, low latency Check with Starlink . . . Or call to learn more: (855) 874-8909 Hughesnet – Best satellite internet provider for reliable speeds […]

Officials are expected to hash out the remaining details of the €6 billion project next week European Union (EU) countries and European Parliament officials are close to a finalizing a €6 billion (US$6.18 billion) deal to put a satellite internet system into orbit. The European Commission first announced plans to […]

It is not unusual to spot clouds hovering over at least part of the largest inland body of water on the planet, the Caspian Sea. but on May 28, NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) spotted a peculiarly-shaped cloud drifting across the water body. The cloud had well-defined edges resembling […]