Like so many millennials, I entered the online world through AOL Instant Messenger. I created an account one unremarkable day in the late nineteen-nineties, sitting in the basement of my childhood home at our chunky white desktop computer, which connected to the Internet via a patchy dial-up modem. I picked […]

Quitting or reducing social media use could be a great New Year’s resolution. Studies suggest that physical and mental health benefit, and many who have done it, permanently or temporarily, report increased productivity, concentration, and happiness. But the so-called digital detoxing is not that easy. Many of us use social […]

The walled gardens of social media have dominated the digital marketing landscape for nearly a decade. With massive audiences, data-driven advertising and content-rich formats, advertisers have gone from dipping their toes to throwing their budgets into the wells of Silicon Valley. But in 2022, the so-called “headwinds” of privacy and […]