On Windows 11, even though updates are mandatory and automatic, you can still check, download, and install them manually at any time to ensure that not only the system but also your apps are up-to-date.  Sometimes, updates can cause unexpected issues (and other annoyances), but they’re still essential, as they […]

Microsoft released security and non-security updates for all supported client and server versions of the Windows operating system on the November 2022 Patch Tuesday. The updates are available already, and most home Windows devices should receive the updates automatically starting today. The following guide helps home users and system administrators […]

Windows Defender is alerting people of a “threat detected” for “Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY” The issue is tied to a recent listing in Microsoft’s Defender update file, which is making a wrong detection The trigger seems tied to Defender detecting “Electron-based or Chromium-based applications as malware” Microsoft is expected to patch/update Microsoft Defender […]

Windows 8.1 was one of my favourite editions of the popular operating system, especially since it provided a perfect balance between the older, signature Windows interface and the tiled UI Microsoft was going for back then. Windows 8.1 provided a stable experience after the mess that was Windows 8. However, […]