Owenton, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Owenton, Kentucky – New equipment installed on a water tower Walton, KY – Enhanced and upgraded broadband internet service will begin flowing in Walton through new equipment and technology that Broadlinc has installed on an existing water tower. Partnering with XtremeLTE, the project […]

Thanks to Wi-Fi and cellular networks, nearly all of today’s technology is connected in ways that would have been hard to fathom 20 years ago. Computational wireless systems enable secure, robust and high-performance applications in education, business, transportation, healthcare, entertainment and more. Assistant Professor Jian Li Assistant Professor Jian Li […]

Howard University is partnering with Samsung Electronics America and Amdocs to pilot 5G broadband wireless internet access on campus, a program that delivers faster and more secure campus-wide connectivity for students, faculty, and staff. Currently being piloted at College Hall North and South, the network provides a private CBRS network […]