Tatyana Moshchenkov Named President of Operations of World Class Digital Marketing Firm

One of the world’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, Jeremy McGilvrey, doesn’t attribute their meteoric rise to their half-million in client revenue from Upwork, over 700+ 5-star reviews, or even being consistently featured on publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Huffington Post.

In fact, while their ability to generate ROI-producing, conversion-focused sales funnels and websites that make an incredible first impression and attract high-quality leads is second to none – there’s a more subtle factor to their success. And it starts with their President Of Operations, Tatyana Moshchenkov.

As President Of Operations, Tatyana Moshchenkov is responsible for executing every step of the client experience and the company’s robust operations. As a result, she meets and regularly exceeds standards unheard of in a service-based industry where varying levels of quality, communication, and a transactional feel to business are often the status quo.

Instead, at Jeremy McGilvrey, and because of Tatyana Moshchenkov’s expertise – operational excellence is the standard. Because of this commitment, the company has been able to foster rapid growth and have their business spread like wildfire with referrals, word-of-mouth, and social proof – all while building a cohesive culture of efficiency, transparency, and collaboration.

Tatyana Moshchenkov Developed Her Superpower for Operational Efficiency Outside of the Marketing Niche

One could easily assume Tatyana Moshchenkov was groomed in her operational know-how at another marketing agency or received her MBA. However, she didn’t. Long before she was helping deliver world-class conversion-focused websites and sales funnels for clients at Jeremy McGilvrey – she was assisting in a completely different type of delivery.

She credits her 12 years in her role as a Registered Nurse in Critical Care Labor & Delivery and Pediatrics with giving her a special skill set. These skills include her ability to communicate effectively, set proper expectations, adapt on the fly, and empathize with people from all over the globe – noting the ways her background in pediatric delivery helps her today:

“I believe we can learn the most when we’re outside of our industry. Personally, I’ve learned more about communication, empathy, and compassion in one of the most challenging and transformative environments you could think of —which, to some, surprisingly translates perfectly into the world of business, operations, and creating a stellar client experience.”

To date, Tatyana Moshchenkov has helped take over 631+ brands, products, and services from an ineffective digital presence to becoming sought-after leaders of their industry. By doing so, they’re able to instantly generate trust, build authority and use their digital presence to stand out in their niche.

Additionally, she’s helped founder Jeremy McGilvrey focus on his personal zone of genius while handling operations across all facets of the company. From attracting star-studded talent, exceeding uber-tight deadlines, or ensuring every last detail has been rigorously tested – it is her focus on operational excellence that business owners and entrepreneurs could use more of.

Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tatyana Moshchenkovz’s Commitment To Operational Excellence

Today, too many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with their operational frameworks. Often, they have lackluster systems and processes, and tend to wait to address those for the sake of growing their business.

However, they’re going about it all wrong. It is precisely a commitment to operational excellence that has helped Jeremy McGilvrey grow and scale – becoming a premier name in the space. As McGilvrey notes:

“When I talk to business owners who are procrastinating on improving their operations or making a key hire, I always ask them: if I delivered 100 or 500 dream clients to your doorstep tomorrow – would you be able to serve them? 99% of the time the answer is no due to a lack of operational structure and efficiency. Everyone understands the power of marketing and lead generation, but few are committed to the operations that fuel the ability to grow and scale.”

Tatyana Moshchenkovz’s Example Of Operational Excellence Sets A New Standard

In a fast-paced digital world, taking the time to set a foundation of operational efficiency gives your business a long-term competitive advantage. To do so, you’ll invest time and resources on the front end, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded for years to come.

From clearly mapping out your customer’s journey, identifying your team’s internal KPIs, creating and refining processes – these are all cornerstones of a well-executed operational framework that pays off in perpetuity.

As Tatyana Moshchenkov’s astounding track record shows, this foundation allows your business to consistently perform on a long-term basis, while eliminating costly mistakes and attracting world-class talent.

Published March 25th, 2022

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