Most law firms that are yet to invest seriously in digital marketing still wonder what the hype is because their conservative strategies still bring clients. But this should not be the only factor to dictate your marketing approach.

For instance, how much do you have to spend on one client? How many interested parties actually proceed to become paying customers? Do your methods provide you with a way to measure their results?

These are some of the issues that you don’t have to worry about if you are obtaining leads from the internet. Let’s look at other importances of internet leads for law firms in detail.

Internet Leads Come at a Low Cost

With technology, it is entirely possible to promote your law firm and even obtain clients without a penny. However, since this would involve you taking up all the marketing tasks, acquiring a digital marketing expert will further ensure that you are covering all areas.

Even with a new hire, the total cost of acquiring internet leads will be lower when compared to the results. This way, law firms that are only starting and have a small budget or those that have been in the game for decades all have an equal chance with internet leads.

Easy to Segment for Target Marketing

Whether paid or organic, target marketing has the potential to bring in the most qualified leads that are likely to become paying customers.

Internet leads make it easy to segment your target market in a way that fits your prospective customers. Instead of playing a guessing game with marketing methods that target a general population, you can separate your ideal audience and promote your business to them alone.

Target marketing can be especially useful for a law firm that has specialized in one area. Firms that handle a wide variety of personal injury cases such as Slingshot Law can also use this approach when running a promotion for one type of service only.

Internet Leads Are Good for SEO

The ultimate goal of obtaining internet leads is for them to become clients. But this does not mean that visitors who do not convert are not useful for your law firm. Internet leads can promote your SEO efforts too.

If your website is pulling a lot of traffic, search engines automatically perceive your site as authoritative and popular in your field and rank you high on search results. But since it is possible to buy traffic and cheat the system, search engines further consider things like page views and visitors’ bounce rate.

Internet leads from social media marketing tend to spend longer periods on a website, including the percentage that do not convert.

Results Are Easy to Measure

Internet leads produce results that are easy to measure. Some digital strategies such as Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising even produce nearly instant results.

Different internet marketing methods allow the collection of visitors’ activities on your website or other platforms. This makes it easy to ascertain whether your law firm’s digital campaigns are producing the expected results. If otherwise, you can then go back to the drawing board and come up with other marketing approaches.

Internet Leads Promote Brand Awareness

The internet makes it easy to share content and information. Internet leads who have converted to paying customers might recommend your law firm to other people. This can either happen through word of mouth, online reviews or sharing feedback on their social profiles. The last two options are easy to share because they happen over the internet.

Regardless of the method used, this kind of promotion introduces your practice to a multitude of other prospective customers. If your landing pages are convincing enough, these new leads might soon become clients too.

Jenna Walter