Thinking of a Career in Digital Marketing?

Looking for a new skill set that will improve your earning potential and give you complete flexibility? Full Story

If you’re a talented, curious & hard-working frum woman or man who wants a well-paying, flexible and fulfilling career, this is going to be one of the most important messages you will ever read.

Tired of speech therapy, accounting, office work and medical billing?

Looking for a new skill set that will improve your earning potential and give you complete flexibility?

If this sounds like you, this exclusive webinar is for you.

  • “I like people. I’m intuitive and insightful, but shudder at the thought of teaching, or being an OT or social worker for the rest of my life.
  • “I’m logical with a flair for numbers, but medical billing, programming, or accounting will bore me to death.”
  • “I’m good at a lot of different things. But I’m not built for a typical job that just pays the bills. I want to earn decent money AND use my talents for the good. “
  •  “I want to earn well. But my family is my priority. I want flexibility without sacrificing my income potential. Is it possible?”
  • “I’m a natural writer. How can I turn that into a profitable career that supports my family without getting paid pennies per word?”

If you’re nodding as you read, then you’ll be thrilled to know that: There is another option.

Digital marketing is one of the little-known – yet astonishingly perfect – careers for determined and capable frum women (or men).

Join acclaimed Career Coach Shaina Keren and Professor Danny Gavin, MBA where they’ll be exploring a digital marketing career and why it’s ideal for frum women or men who want to earn well and have flexible work options.

Who is Danny Gavin? One of the most influential and experienced names in teaching digital marketing, Gavin is:

  • The owner of the successful digital marketing agency Optidge
  • A sought-after professor of digital marketing at the University of Houston
  • The founder of ODEO Academy, the only online immersive digital marketing course with an exclusive track for frum women (and general cohort available to men.)

Danny Gavin has taught hundreds of students with ZERO experience in digital marketing who are thriving, earning great money, and have an amazing work-life balance.

He’s passionate about letting frum women know about these little-known – yet highly lucrative – career options.

“Digital Marketing is an ideal career choice for a frum individual who wants flexibility and a high income. Whether you’re creative or logical, introverted, or extroverted, mathematical, or conceptual (or a mix of all); you can use those skills in digital marketing.  You can work from anywhere, in your own hours. The demand for skilled digital marketers is exploding – especially in the frum business world. It’s an amazing career option, with brilliant earning potential.” – explains Gavin.

Hadassa from Lakewood, NJ, had a respectable job in medical billing and knew nothing about digital marketing before she joined ODEO Academy.

“I was doing medical billing, earning decent money, and had great managers. But I was feeling burnt out. One day I thought: I can’t do this forever. I want to look back and feel like I used my time. I don’t want to passively go through life and then cry about it.

I had no idea how interesting and stimulating digital marketing is. Since I graduated from ODEO, I recently started a new job doing SEO for a real estate company.  I never imagined I was capable of leaving my job for something I’m so passionate about, in such a short amount of time.”

Could this be you?


If you’re

  • Ready to hear about a new skillset that could change your life – and give your family a different future?
  • Curious if digital marketing could be right for you?
  • Willing to explore opportunities beyond the norm?

This webinar is for YOU!

Sign up below for this exclusive webinar where you’ll find out:

  1. What digital marketers do all day and what they earn
  2. How you can become a skilled digital marketer even if you know NOTHING about it
  3. The type of person it will be a good fit for

You’ll also discover

  • Why it’s an amazing career option for a frum individual looking for fulfillment, flexibility, and high-earning potential
  • the guaranteed route to a well-paid job in digital marketing – even if you have zero experience or qualifications
  • The reason it’s the perfect side hustle for anyone looking to increase your income on your own terms

Included is:

  • a live Q&A session so you can get your questions answered by the experts
  • a panel of previous grads of ODEO Academy women’s track to share their experience going from digital marketing newbie to pro and how their future has changed.

Sign up today


Date: Sunday, May 8th,

Time: 8:00pm EST – 9:30pm EST

(Limited slots available – replay available for those who register)



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