Opinions on us-reviews.com show that there are endless games on both Android and iOS devices. Hundreds of the available games are worthy of your attention and time.

While many play games just to spend the time, some devote maximal concentration to enhance their mental health. Regardless of the reasons why you play online games, there are countless latest games that you can add to your list.

Games are not only enjoyed when played on PCs. You don’t need to be immersed in Augmented Reality to enjoy any game. You can find some of the best games on big electronic stores’ online reviews. Some of these games are classic games. While some are free, some are paid for. Out of the wealth of the available games, the following are most adventurous and popular on your Android device:

1.  AminA:

This is a game that has been recognized as reminiscent of Fallout. Its physical setting is of a post-apocalyptic Soviet Union wasteland. It is a story of conquests and dialogues which enable a player to make tough choices in difficult positions. With the interesting storyline, you can also enjoy the combat turn, strategies, and the wit which the action and dialogue encompass. The game is available at Google Play Store for about $9.

2.  Battle Chasers: Night War:

This is a game that has been said to be produced with complete sense. It is a combat game polished with a setting all over the world. It features epic bosses, hidden dungeons, a sprawling world filled with enemies, and other surprises. You can use tools like magical jewelries and upgraded weapons to fight your battles and enhance your military strength.

3.  Evoland 1 and 2:

This is a unique game which features humor, 3D entertainment, combat Technologies, etc. Regardless of how you want to play, you can evolve every day. Many people love this game because it has rich content. In the history of gaming, the concept is one of the most significant.

4.  Forgotten Anne:

With great orchestra and the soundtrack, the environment you’ll find yourself is a great introduction to the game. The game explores the story of a young woman, a warrior, Anne, who wades through the city to quell revolts. With the game, you can control the energy that flows through your character, and you can also enjoy manipulating events as you will.

5.  Genshin Impact:

Of course, you already know this game. With its twists and cues, it offers great weapons and characters to every player. It offers one of the best combat elements to excite players. There are always monsters to slay. And as a player, you can equip your characters’ skills with the weapons available.


This is a game that has been said to be similar to Fire Emblem Heroes. It is a game with a variety of armors, weapons, RPGs, and other top-class military items. With great sound for every activity, it offers the most possible mood for the game you’re playing. Each character is taken from popular fairy tales, and you can enjoy the thought-provoking stories of the characters and enjoy the new world it offers you.

Other available games are Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Death Road to Canada, Titan Quest, etc.