Battle Creek is known for many things. Being a hub for tech startups isn’t one of them. 

But that’s not stopping local entrepreneur Gaurav Goomer. He recently launched MyLifeWell, an online wellness platform, with the vision to bring the city’s history as a health and wellness destination into the digital age.  

MyLifeWell is designed to help people create and manage a healthy lifestyle by giving them on-demand access to virtual fitness classes, meditation, financial coaching and other wellness activities, Goomer said. 

“The idea is pretty simple,” he said. “We just wanted to bring the industry together and make sure that the customers don’t have to look for five different solutions when they’re thinking about wellness.” 

People can start to build a healthier lifestyle a piece at a time through the platform, Goomer said. For example, people who want to try yoga can find a virtual class that teaches the basics. When they’re ready, they can use the platform to sign up for a one-on-one session or book a retreat. Eventually, Goomer said people will be able to buy equipment and other health and fitness-related products from the site.