Millions of Christmas gifts will not arrive on time this year thanks to both a surge in online shopping and a snowstorm blowing across the United States this week.

According to ShipMatrix, a software company that tracks shipments for all the major carriers and Amazon, 10 million packages a day are either awaiting pickup, or being picked up but not reaching destinations on time.

So what do you do if Christmas morning comes and there aren’t gifts under the tree? Last-minute, or last-second, gifts can save the day.

Apple’s iTunes Store is right there on your iPhone and iPad and delivers books, movies, TV shows, apps and music almost instantly. All you need is the iTunes Store app and their email address.

If they’re fans of the TV show “The Office,” Apple currently has a really good price on the entire series. The show leaves Netflix next month, and if they’re big fans of the show and can watch episodes over and over again, it’ll only cost $30 (plus tax) to put all 194 episodes in their Apple library. To gift this or any other item in iTunes, just tap the share button at the top of the screen and choose “gift.” Fill in their information and choose the date you’d like for the item to arrive. It won’t be in DVD format but they can watch on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

The Google Play Store allows you to gift specific book titles but you can only purchase gift cards for anything else. Google doesn’t offer a good deal on “The Office” by the way, it’s $29.99 per season in standard definition.

Rather than an iTunes or Google Play gift card, why not give them an app you chose specifically for them? MasterClass is for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that brings together video lessons from some of the world’s greatest minds. The lessons are wonderfully produced and feature producers, writers, actors, chefs, economists, business leaders and even magicians. Serena Williams teaches tennis, Garry Kasparov teaches chess, Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking and Robin Roberts teaches authentic communication. Over 100 of the most talented people in the world, teaching the skills they’ve acquired. MasterClass is currently running a buy-one, get-one special for $180. You’ll need to purchase the subscription on the MasterClass website.

This one is a bit trickier but for music fans, it’ll be a gift they appreciate. SiriusXM is the ad-free music platform you can listen to in your car or at home. Over 100 ad-free channels for music lovers of every genre. You’ll need to make sure they have Sirius in their car. Take a picture of their car’s VIN or somehow get the Sirius radio number from the Sirius start-up screen. Sirius is running a $60/year subscription right now.

DoorDash is one more idea. Using the DoorDash app, send them dinner or dessert from their (or your) favorite restaurant. It’ll show up right at their door. These gift ideas are easy and thoughtful. They may not be wrapped and placed under the tree, but they’re different and better than getting a gift card.