Take a look at the router you have now. If it has 802 followed by a couple of letters (n or ac), your router is at least 6 years old and maybe 12. In 2019 the WiFi Alliance began re-naming routers, dropping for the most part the 802. names and updating to easier-to-understand numerical names such as WiFi 5 and WiFi 6. WiFi 6 is the latest iteration of routers and much faster than previous generations.

According to the alliance, WiFi 6 is about 3 times faster than the previous WiFi 5 but speed isn’t the most important feature for most families.

WiFi 6 is capable of spreading out data distribution to more devices at the same time.

WiFi 5 routers are cheaper and cost from just under $100 to over $200 while WiFi 6 routers start at about $150 and go up to as much as $500. The size of your home is also an important consideration for which WiFi router you choose.

While you may only have 8-12 devices connected to your router now, some predict the average number will be as many as 50 within the next 2 years. If you’re having a lot of problems with slow WiFi speeds, it’s probably time to upgrade and future-proof your home connection with a better WiFi router.

It is important to note that while WiFi 6 is backward compatible and will work with any device connected to it, older computers, phones, and tablets are not capable of taking advantage of the faster speeds.