Why a DTC skincare brand is partnering with over 2,000 influencers

The pimple patch market is currently valued at nearly $540 million, and projected to grow by roughly 6% year-over-year through 2030, according to data from business consulting firm Grand View Research.

This growth is being spurred by “increasing demand for instant acne treatment,” with pimple patches at the forefront of this surge because of the products’ “mass marketing across the social media platforms” in recent years, the firm wrote. Brands like Peace Out have leveraged this mounting demand—the company’s revenue soared 131% in 2021 alone, according to the report. 

Despite exploring new marketing channels, social media and Peace Out’s influencer partners will form the core of the campaign as they have in the brand’s past marketing efforts. 

The brand has already partnered with 500 creators across TikTok and Instagram to kick off the campaign, which began earlier this week, and will incorporate 500 additional influencers for each month of the campaign’s six-month timeline, Pence said. 

These influencers will largely focus on affiliate marketing, which Pence considers, “the next generation of influencer marketing” because of its reliance on the relationship between an influencer and their audience, rather than a brand artificially inserting itself into the social media conversation, he said. Peace Out will provide promotional codes to its creator partners for those influencers to share with their followers, but otherwise largely allow creators to talk about the brand’s new product however they want with their audiences, he said. 

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