Windows Experience Index is a popular metric from Microsoft, and is used to assess the performance of a computer. You can get your WEI score on Windows 10 using a few methods.

Xiret is an open source tool that calculates your computer's Windows Experience Index scores

But if you want a simple way for getting the system’s results, you should use a program like Xiret, or the previously reviewed Windows Experience Index OK.

The Xiret application requires administrator rights to run. Xiret has a simple interface, which is kind of text-heavy, i.e. it has very few buttons. The main screen lists the score of all the major hardware on your computer; the processor, RAM, Graphics, Gaming Graphics, and the hard drive’s transfer rate. Windows Experience Index uses this information to calculate your computer’s rating, aka the base score.

The bottom section in Xiret’s UI tells you some additional details such as whether your Experience Index score is valid, the date and time when the test was last run, and the Operating System’s version.

Xiret system hardware

Toggle the button next to Show Hardware (in the bottom right corner), and the application will display the model number of your computer’s components (instead of the test information). Click the View “Score Metrics” option to learn more about your computer’s tech specs. This screen has a sidebar on the left, each tab provides more information about various hardware and software on your PC. It may not be useful for most people, but if you like to know the technical data about your computer, this can be a gold mine for you.

Xiret metrics screen

Want to know if your computer is still in top shape? Hit the Repeat Assessment button bear the top right corner of Xiret’s main screen. The In-Depth Assessment option runs more tests and displays a log of the results. The results can be saved to a plain text (TXT) file. You may experience some laggy performance if you use the computer while the tests are running.

Xiret can save your computer’s Experience Index score as a JPG, PNG or BMP image, or as a TXT document. You may optionally choose to upload the screenshots to the Imgur photo sharing service.

You can view the logs of the assessment and the WinSAT tests from the Options menu. The program has keyboard shortcuts for virtually every option available in the menus. The Reset option under the Tools menu can be used to delete the WinSAT scores and Xiret’s data. View your computer’s uptime, the date when Windows was installed, and additional data about your Operating System’s build from the System details page.

Xiret settings

Xiret is an open source software. The program is portable, but saves its Settings in the AppData folder by default. You can set it to use its own folder instead, by toggling the Portability switch in the Settings page. The program has optional themes that you may choose, if you don’t like the default color schemes.

The results of the Windows Experience Index are just for reference purposes. You should not consider it as gospel, or equal to real-life performance. If you want to stress test your computer to see how well it performs under heavy load, you may want to run some benchmark programs or some graphics-intensive games.

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